Recent VMware Releases (Jan 22)

There have been a batch of new releases which have dropped over the past few weeks, thought it was worth posting a summary.

ProductRelease DateDetails
NSX-T 3.216/12/2021NSX-T 3.2 was released just before the Christmas break and is quite a significant release.
Key Updates:
·      Federation enhancements including VM tag replication between local managers
·      Deployment and configuration of ALB (Avi) from NSX UI
·      Improvements / extensions to Migration Co-ordinator (e.g. support for Identity-based firewall migration).
There are a couple of important things to note, however. First the release notes state:
“While NSX releases earlier than 3.2.0 supported onboarding of existing local manager sites, this onboarding support is delayed from 3.2.0 and will be re-introduced in a later point release of 3.2.”
There was also some guidance in this KB article not to upgrade to 3.2.
“At this time, use NSX-T 3.2.0 for greenfield deployments only.”
However, a patch release is now available with the revised release notes (as of 21/01/2022) stating:
“Customers upgrading to NSX-T are encouraged to run the NSX Upgrade Evaluation Tool before starting the upgrade process. The tool is designed to ensure success by checking the health and readiness of your NSX Managers prior to upgrading.”
The full release notes can be found here.
vRNI 6.514/01/2022Key Updates:
·       Guided network troubleshooting.
·       Assurance and verification for Cisco ACI and Check Point firewall
·       Avi integration and dashboards
More information here and the full release notes here.
Telco Cloud Automation (TCA) 2.014/01/2022For those not working in the Telco space, TCA is a vehicle for automating the provisioning and configuration of virtual infrastructure as well as the onboarding of network functions.
Key Updates:
·       Enable multi-cloud automation for VMware Cloud on AWS and Tech Preview of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
·       Provide End-to-End Orchestration with 5G Network Slicing as Tech Preview with “Project Lattice.” This project offers a standard way of managing and exposing cross-domain network resources to the end user while assuring the delivered slice’s purpose and characteristics – see the recent blog post here.
·       Product interoperability updates.
The full release notes are here.
Cloud Director 10.3.213/01/2022Key Updates:
·       Primarily networking updates and NSX-T 3.2 support.
·       NVIDIA vGPUs and associated placement policies.
HCX 4.315/12/2021Minor update with support for NSX-T 3.2 plus an ‘early adoption’ release of Network Extension High-Availability.
Network Extension High Availability uses additional Network Extension appliances to create HA Groups and provide data path and appliance redundancy in an Active/Standby mode.
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