VVD 5.1.2 Released

Overnight a new version of VVD was released on the VVD 5.1 release train. This is a small maintenance release with relatively few changes. At a glance these are:

  • ESXi updated to patch level ESXi670-202004002 (previously ESXi670-201912001)
  • vCenter Appliance updated to 6.7 Update 3g (previously 6.7 Update 3b)
  • vSAN updated to 6.7 Patch 02 (previously 6.7 Patch 01)
  • vRLI Content Pack for Linux updated to 2.0.1 (previously 2.0)
  • NSX-T updated to 2.5.1 (previously 2.5)

The only other thin to call out is that “starting with this version, VMware Cloud Builder is no longer updated for clean deployments of VMware Validated Design. You use VMware Cloud Builder to deploy VMware Validated Design 5.1.1 and then update the products in your SDDC to the versions in VMware Validated Design 5.1.2.”

Release notes can be found here.

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