VVD 5.0 is GA

A couple of weeks ago VVD 5.0 was released, perhaps a late Christmas present or timed to blow away the January blues. Either way it’s a pretty significant release with a few things that I know some customers have been asking for.

First of all vSphere 6.7 is introduced to the Bill of Materials (note still with the external PSC architecture at this time). vRA is uplifted to 7.5, which includes the new clarity user interface and native NSX-T integration, while vROps and vRSLCM are uplifted to 7.0 and 2.0 respectively. The full BoM can be found here:


One other really important update is that the non-VMware software components which are required to support the SDDC stack have also been updated (and validated). This includes Windows 2016 (vs. 2012 R2 in VVD 4.3), and SQL 2017 (vs 2012) and Ubuntu which is used for the Update Manager Download Service is now version 18.04 (vs 14.04).

There is one major change when it comes to features which is the introduction of automated deployment in the form of Cloud Builder. Previously, automated deployment had only been possible through VMware PSO or select partners but this is something which is now available for all customers, significantly reducing time and effort in standing up a new SDDC!

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