Goodbye Vblock as Dell EMC Converges on Vxblock

A few days ago Chad Sakac, President of Dell EMC Converged Platform Division (formerly VCE) announced on his blog that come July 1st the Vblock will be no more. Having spent the last 5 years working more or less exclusively with Vblock systems as the foundation for cloud platforms this came as a bit a surprise but on second thoughts it shouldn’t be.

The Vxblock has been around for a couple of years now, launched primarily as an answer to agreements within the VCE group around the makeup network stack. The main difference between the two converged platforms is (or was) the Vxblock including the VMware Distributed Switch as standard (rather than the Cisco 1000V) with the ability to support SDN (both Cisco ACI and VMware NSX).

When VMware announced the end of support for the 1000V in favour of the native vSwitch due to waning customer demand (99% of vSphere customers use the VDS) a couple of months ago, in hindsight the writing was probably on the wall.

It also goes to show how fast things have moved over the last couple of years given no business is now going to consider a major new investment without SDN (if not immediately at least as an option in the near term).

i should mention that for existing Vblock customers they remain fully supported under their existing contracts with Dell EMC continuing to provide expansion options and minor RCM updates until 2022 (note that doesn’t include vSphere 6.5). They will also be able to migrate from Vblock to Vxblock though I imagine this is probably a chargeable service.


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